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"Theatrical archaeologist extraordinaire" - - Back Stage


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Some things are obvious.

(Backstage at Shadow of Heroes)

You know that non-profits around the country need your support at this time of year.

Our friends, patrons, and supporters also know that Metropolitan Playhouse is no exception.

But other things are not obvious:
The magic of theater at Metropolitan depends on transforming the everyday into the extraordinary.
It's sleight-of-hand that tickles, chills, thrills, and inspires, and it depends on the mysterious and beguiling talents
of the artists we are privileged to welcome into our intimate home on East Fourth Street.

I do hope you'll consider offering them your support with a tax-deductible donation to Metropolitan.


And, in case it weren't obvious, we are deeply grateful to all our friends
for their encouragement, attendance, and contributions

Alex Roe

Artistic Director

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