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The American Legacy

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"One of my favorite downtown theaters" ~ Martin Denton,
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Mortal Decisions:

Stu Richel

NYC theatre: Merry Wives of Windsor (Lion,) Autoeroticism in Detroit (Blue Heron,) The Lower Depths (Manhattan Ensemble Theatre,) Slaughter City (WOW Café,) The Philanderer (Jan Hus,) East Village Chronicles (Metropolitan Playhouse) and Bag Fulla Money (Clurman.)  Regional: Proof (Redhouse, Syracuse) Twilight of the Golds (Shadowland, Ellenville) Holiday (San Jose Rep) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (San Jose Stage.) Wrote and toured three solo, stage shows…. Mortal Decisions, a Diary of the Donner Party; Everyone’s War; and Theodore Judah and the Transcontinental Railroad.  Principal roles in 21 indies, including Death in Love (Jacqueline Bisset’s husband,) Sexland (with Dan Fogler) and Hiding Divya (Madhur Jaffrey’s companion.)  TV: 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin’s boss,) As the World Turns and One Life to Live.  In earlier lives…a corporate attorney…and combat photographer with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam.

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