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The Drunkard   or The fallen Saved
by W.H. Smith
September 18 - October 17

Young Edward Middleton is honest, charitable, and too easily tempted by drink. When his proclivity is exploited by the malicious lawyer Cribbs, Middleton loses his home, family, and fortune, and he is cast alone and adrift in the city. But under the kind command of temperance leader Arden Rencelaw, salvation is at hand for a man willing to own his weaknesses as well as his strengths.
The most popular American play ever (in 1844.)

Michael Hardart; photo by Jainé Cingone

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Talkback Schedule:

Kathy Maher, Executive Director/Curator
The Barnum Museum

(Click to link to the museum site.)


"Why Edward Middleton Sees Snakes:
Sensationalism and the Temperance Movement."

Sarah Chinn of Hunter College and
the NY Metro American Studies Association
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     William J. Allgood
     Bix Bettwy*
Jennifer Angela Bishop
     Jessica Doherty
     Rosina Fernhoff*
     Ben Gougeon*
     Eli Green
     Charlotte Hampden*
     Michael Hardart*
     Cyrus Newitt*
     Kendall Rileigh*
     Leigh Shannan*
     Howard Thoresen*
Directed by:
    Frank Kuhn
Choreography by:
    April Christine Jermyn  
Choreography by:
    Scott Barrow
Music Direction by:
    Bix Bettwy

Assistant Director:
    Kevin Blackwelder

Assistant Fight Direction:
    Shannon Michael Wamser
Stage Manager:
    Eileen Arnold

Set Design by:
    Matthew Allar

Lighting Design by:
    Chris Weston
Costume Design by:
    Sidney Fortner
Assistant Set Design by:
    Emily Inglis

* Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association.  The Drunkard is an AEA Showcase.