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The American Legacy

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East Side Stories RETURN
4 evenings of MORE NEW plays about the life and lore of the Lower East Side

April 13 - May 3, 2015
The Lower East Side as it was and like it is
East Side Stories Return

A part of Lower East Side History Mont
East Side Stories
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Theater Pizzazz "Metropolitan Playhouse does this kind of theater better....a fine place for giving focus to big problems and small victories."

New York Newsday
An interview with playwright Al Meglin in New York Newsday

An interview with Chris Harcum and Jody Christopherson

and further profiles of their work in
4 Different Programs

New One-Act Plays
about turbulent times

B'Hoys Do Macbeth
by Jonathon Ward
In 1849, an African-American entrepreneur caught between rival gangs of New York and the Upper Ten Percent gets entangled in a Shakespearean-sized conflict that leads to the Astor Place Riot, one of the bloodiest in
New York City's History.

Tompkins '88
by Suzanne Willett

A council member, an anarchist, a real estate developer, an communist and a cop try to work out a deal to stop the Tompkins Square riots of 1988.

The Indelible
3 new monologues:
Gender bending, Age defying, Race crossing...
based on interviews with our neighbors, and told entirely in their own words.

That's How Angels Arranged
written and performed by Lillian Rodriguez*
as Jonas Mekas

Filmmaker, poet, and artist. Founder the Film-Makers' Cooperative and the Film-Makers' Cinematheque, now the Anthology Film Archives

written and performed by Jason Brown*
as Jeanise Aviles

Hair Artist/Color Specialist/WigMaker/PerformanceArtist/KnitBomber

Gimmee Life
written and performed by Tammy McNeill*
as Jimmy Webb

Manager and buyer at Trash and Vaudeville
(A.K.A. the punk Peter Pan)

Real Estate
 3 New One-Act Plays
about the fastest game in town

East Village Vignette: An Improbable Romance
by Al Meglin
Can a funky, finicky flutist best a demon real estate agent at her own game?

by Evan Allgood
Two hipsters find themselves in either an abandoned building or the most cutting edge hangout in all of the city.

by John Von Hartz
Feeling unaccepted in her East Village neighborhood, a successful professional reaches out to a street-wise mechanic and his savvy sidekick,
who happens to be a dog.

Real Estate of Emergency
by Elise Marenson
A family with deep roots in the neighborhood prepares for eviction from skyrocketing rents, overshadowed by rampant new construction out their window.  But grandma has a radical fight in her, a secret weapon.

The Vanguard
3 new monologues
Gender bending, Age defying, Race crossing...based on interviews with our neighbors, and told entirely in their own words.

Negative Processing
written and performed by Brigitte Barnett*
as Alex Harsley

Founder and director of the 4th street Photo Gallery located in the Lower East Side.

Because You Are Good
written and performed by Jody Christopherson*
as Clove Galilee

Experimental Theater Artist, Choreographer
Mabou Mines Artistic Associate

Not to Judge
written and performed by Randy Lee*
as Corlie Ohl

Your friendly, bossy, sassy, and giving real estate agent

* These actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association
These programs are part of East Village Chronicles, Vol. 11, and Alphabet City XI, and are all Equity Showcases.