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A Word About the Title

    At Metropolitan playhouse, we are big fans of Augustin Daly. You can read more about our decision to produce this particular text in a forthcoming essay from Artistic Director Alex Roe, but suffice it to say its uproarious and poignant commentary on marriage, family, and the contrast between country and city life stayed with us. Its title, on the other hand, didn't.

       Daly originally called his 1892 comedy "A Test Case (or Grass v. Granite)."  The relatively obscure legal reference doesn’t quite do the play justice, and we resolved to find something with a little more staying power. To that end, we enlisted the wonderful energies of our audience members to produce a more appealing title.

    The call went out, and it was answered! You submitted more than 40 titles, ranging from the straightforward (East Lemons) to the clever (Lemons v. Lemonade), from the referential (Green Acres--1892) to the poetic (Fresh Air; Times Square). Of course, we ended up choosing "A Marriage Contract," but we thought it selfish to keep all those excellent entries to ourselves. So we've shared them with you.

    Read them all on the right hand side of this page, and don't forget to get your tickets!

Lemons to Lemonade
Too much, too little, too late, too soon
Green Acres - 1892
Fresh Air; Times Square
 A Small Town in the City
The East Lemons in Manhattan
Sabina Pognip of East Lemons
East Lemons of Manhattan
Is the grass greener? 
The Manhattan/East Lemon Diagnosis
Grass V. Granite
East Lemons
The Winner Was Never in Doubt!
Two In a One-Horse Town
Good Faults
The Grass is Granite on the Other Side
The Limits of Parental Controls 
Pognip In A One-Horse Town
Neighboring Lies
Country Mouse, City Rat
Lemons into Lemonade
If Life Gives You Lemons
Bridge to Nowhere, NJ
Bucolic Frolic
Valley of Denials
The Bitter End
When Life Gives You Lemons 
Can Love Last in East Lemons?  
My Country Tears of Thee
Bob in the  Burbs
The World as Will And East Lemons
Exurbia 1892
Can Love Last in East Lemons?

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