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Deep Are
the Roots

by Arnaud d'Usseau and
James Gow
In 1945, d'Usseau and Gow's Deep Are the Roots premiered on Broadway to confront audiences with the indelible legacy of America's troubled past.  Barbara Bel Geddes and Gordon Heath starred in a powerful and accomplished work from the Greatest Generation. The play is still remarkably compelling today as we confront from our own perspective the very same heritage.

Brett Charles, a decorated officer, returns to his childhood home from WW II transformed by his sacrifice, but that home is not ready to catch up.  Charles is the African-American son of a housekeeper, returning to the Deep Southern mansion where he was raised:  that of long-time US Senator Ellsworth Langdon.  An honorable soldier's new ambitions, the early whispers of Civil Rights reform, and the blossoming of love in a most unexpected quarter are the sparks in a tinderbox just waiting to take fire.

"The desire to love and be loved outweighst the capacity to hate and be hated."
- A. d'Usseau and J. Gow
Michael James Anderson*
R. J. Foster*
Roland Lee Keller
Teresa Kelsey*
J. M. McDonough*
Caitlin McEwan*
Stephen Pelletier*
Gloria Sauve*
Steve White
Nirayl Wilcox*

Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Directed by
Michael Hardart
Set Design by
Emily Inglis
Lighting Design by
Christopher Weston
Costume Design by
Sidney Fortner
Stage Manager
Niki Armato*

* Members of Actors Equity Association.
Deep are the Roots is an AEA  Approved Showcase.