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Family Fare 2011:
The Festival of the Vegetables

 February 5 - 20, 2011

A whimsical series of brief, witty poems, piano pieces, and dances that reveal the secret life of vegetables.  We find ourselves in a vast supermarket where a toddler, shopping with mom, nods off to sleep. The child dreams of vegetable adventures—stories of bravery, bounciness, and a Veggie Wedding!—each introduced by a couple of silly, yet eloquent produce clerks.
February 5
Special Evening Show 
7 pm
       February 6  
11 am

February 12
  11 am

February 13
11 am

February 19
11 am

February 20
11 am
Molly Gower
Preston Burger, Jessica Delia, Janna Diamond,
Billy Dutton, India Kohn, Hao-Lun Hope Kuei,
Steven Lally, Alessandra Larson,
Xisko "Coco" Monroe, Lara Rudd,
Lily Eugenia Rudd, & Miriam-Helene Rudd.

Maya Sheehy & Izzy Hanson-Johnston
Verse & Music

Michael Kosch
horeography & Costu
mes: Rachael Kosch
Recomended for Children ages 5 to 105

For Ticket information please call 212-995-5302

The Festival of the Vegetables

The Festival of the Vegetables on NY1