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Metropolitan tumbles into the 21st Century with

Metropolitan Virtual Playhouse
A series of readings and online presentations to bide us through the days of social distancing.

Thursdays at 8:

The COVID Cabaret
with Zero Boy

June 4, 2020

Zero Boy
Saturdays at 8:

Virtual Playhouse Reading
June 6, 2020

Ever Young
a ferocious comedy by
Alice Gerstenberg

The Poinciana
And if you dress to impress,
you can BE a piece of the action on the screen...

 Dress up on the Zoom channel and be a last minute live guest!

Interactive improv
Make him an offer he cannot refuse:

Your 4-5 word suggestion
will become a whole new world

Submissions via Zoom or YouTube!

  It is the lioness who does the hunting in the pride,
and the longer she lives, the fiercer she becomes.

Mrs. Payne-Dexter rules the veldt.
Mrs. Dorchester is a deferential, if muddled soldier;
Mrs. Blanchard roams afar, but within the rule;
and Mrs. Courtney-Page is the fearsome
queen of the coming generation.
The claws are always sharp
when these widows and divorcees meet,
but this afternoon at the Royal Poinciana Hotel (Palm Beach),
one reveals a broken heart
and a tender hope she's cherished for decades.

The instinct of these ready predators is keen...
and acting on it, they discover the secret to staying
ever young.

Directed by Alex Roe
Backgrounds by Pamela Lawton


Dramaturgy by Jon Lonoff
Contributions may be made
specifically to support artists at this time
or to help protect
Metropolitan Playhouse's future.


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Past Presentations

by Neith Boyce

Dodge, Reed, Boyce
Rex literally knocks at the window of Moira, a lover he jilted months before. Hoping to fan the passionate flames of their affair back to a blaze, he's once again ready for anything--anything but to be seen for what he actually is.
The story of a woman who has learned bitter lessons from heartbreak, and is ready to give a little instruction of her own to a man who once had her heart, and now has her understanding.

Inspired by a real rendez-vous between
Mabel Dodge and John Reed. 

Featuring Elisabeth Ahrens and Paul Bomba
Directed by Laura Livingston

Read More:
by Jon Lonoff
by Alice Gerstenberg

Prosperous and prolific playwright, Mr. Sud--an inveterate hack--offers to let a hopeful neophyte, young Wouldby, attend a first read and rehearsal of his new play. 
Mr. Inkwell pursues a desperate and dishonorable plot to sully Miss Ivory, cheat her father of a fortune,
and break her promises to the upright Mr. Ruler. 
But what of Mrs. Pencil, his former lover?
The plot thickens, Sud editorializes throughout,
and the actors strain to make something of the nonsense.
Then someone finds the revolvers.

Another day in the theater.


Mike Durkin ~ SJ Hannah ~ David Murray Jaffe
Olivia Killingsworth ~ Jen Reddish ~ Jay Romero
Tom Staggs

Directed by Alex Roe
Backgrounds by Vincent Gunn
Video Ops by Rachael Langton

Read More:
by Jon Lonoff

by Susan Glaspell
Henrietta and Stephen were happily married, until Henrietta discovered psychoanalysis.  Now no stone 
-- dream, utterance, look, shrug --
will be left unturned on the quest for its hidden meaning.
But when sister Mabel, visiting them for a spell,
catches the disease herself, the couple are in a fight for their
wedded life.

A comedy of close quarters with two much time on our hands.

Read More:
by Jon Lonoff

by William Dean Howells

Miss Galbraith and Mr. Richards, recently separated lovers find themselves confined to the same compartment of a railway car on the way to Albany.   Mortifying though it may be, it is also a chance to look a little more closely at the reason for their spat.
And when the car is de-coupled from its train, stranded on the lonesome track ...well, who knows what may happen.

Read More:
by Jon Lonoff

love letterDOUBLE

by Alice Gerstenberg
by Rachel Crothers

A society grand dame, her eligible daughter, and their unflappable butler prepare for a dinner for fourteen.  But when one guest cancels, leaving a table of unlucky thirteen, the game is afoot!  A comedy of extreme disproportion.

A steel-tempered writer is asked to give her consent to the marriage of her ward to an artist of great promise and passion, but middling accomplishment and drive.  All she must consider is the true weight of her own love.
by Bronson Howard

The time for burning old letters has come for a young widow,
yearning to put her past behind her.

But what if one of them came to life?
A tender and loving tribute to second chances
by the author of The Henrietta (Metropolitan Playhouse, 2013)

by Alice Gerstenberg
Unquestionably the author's most famous play.
Two women, one married to a wealthy man of affairs
the other to a struggling painter,
meet for tea.

If only they'd left their alter-egos at home.
by Alice Gerstenberg
A game of social distance, 1917 style.

It's a gamble for one of four card players,
seeking to be accepted into her small town's impenetrable Society, where the stakes are far higher than the wagers.

To win at hearts, you must give yours away....
or capture everyone else's.

The RopeGene
by Eugene O'Neill
Saturday, April 4, 2020
Abraham Bentley is a miserly farmer
whose son and son
-in-law are set
on getting revenge for his ill treatment of them
and getting his fortune...if he really has one.
The only witness is a perfectly guileless 10 year old girl.

He Said and She SaidAlice
by Alice Gerstenberg

Saturday, March 28, 2020
Set against the backdrop of the Great War, when a loyal husband and wife hear insinuations that their dearest unmarried friend has turned her sights from her young man overseas and is now set on breaking up their happy home, friendships foreign and domestic are strained to the breaking point.