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The American Legacy

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Mortal Decisions:
a diary of the Donner party
by Stu Richel

February 8 - 16, 2008

February 8
February 9
February 15
February 16
A one man show about
courage and perseverance
in the face of tremendous odds.

"A true work of sublime genius"
New York Observer

      It was to be a pleasure  trip, as the wagons headed west in 1846.
      But reality  intervened...difficult choices, roads not taken,  marginal skills, bad luck, liars for consultants, human frailty. 
      Swirling in the midst of it all,  acts of defiant courage...against all odds...for the sake of family and  honor.  As well, moments of weakness  and indecency.  After all, these were ordinary people, under extraordinary  circumstances. 
      Join a survivor, as he looks back. With him, you will  laugh, cringe, celebrate, and be forever  changed by this great, American saga.

Written and Performed by:
Stu Richel

Ticket Prices:
$15 Adults
$12 Seniors
$10 Students

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